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Be Your Own Birth - Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Education



SocialBaby Club member offer:

5% discount on all packages for SocialBaby Club members plus a free 30 minute relaxation session after the course is finished

About Us

To access this offer- please email or call 07738 492855.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and this exciting time! :-)

I provide a full birth preparation programme in order for mums to be to have the most positive and calm birth experience.

By using KGHypnobirthing, I will go through a range of relaxation techniques as well as antenatal education so mums/birth partners will understand how labour works and your options for birth.

By the end of my programme, mums/birth partners will feel confident, positive and calm for birth as well as have all the information and tools in order to make informed decisions and choose the right birth choices for them.


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