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New Leaf Reigate Refill Shop


3-5 Prices Lane, Reigate, RH2 8BB

SocialBaby Club member offer:

10% off in store, All day, Every Day

About Us

Display your SocialBaby Club membership card at checkout to receive 10% off

New Leaf Reigate offers an easy way for everyone in our local community to reduce their household waste. We are all aware of the looming climate crisis and the plastic pollution crisis and most of us want to try to do something about it. However, there are few ways to make a noticeable individual difference without making onerous and sometimes costly lifestyle changes. Simply by shopping a New Leaf, everyone in our local community, who wants to try, can make a big difference individually and a huge difference locally to the amount of waste we produce in our households - and (for most products) without costing them more to do so. #Zero Waste Shop, Plastic Free, Eco Gifts, Refill Shop, Recycle Shop, Sustainable, Organic food, Vegan food


10% Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, discount scheme or promotional offer and applies to our full prices.

Some products and services may not qualify for this discount – usually promotions, raffles and third party products sold for good causes or charities.

New Leaf Coffee Shop is proud to be Child, Toddler and Baby and dog friendly. We have a kids play area within the coffee shop and a baby change facility too. Please however be reminded that you are responsible for your children and dogs and we politely ask the guidelines below are followed - both for health and safety reasons and to respect other customers who are not with their children and pets;

Please keep dogs on leads inside the shop
Please tidy up after your children / keep the kids area tidy
Children should play within the play area (not outside it).. or sit with parents/guardians
Please discourage shouting and screaming
Please supervise any children under 10 years old using the toilet
Please leave the toilet and baby change area clean and tidy after use

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