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The Positive Sleep Coach



SocialBaby Club member offer:

10% off any consultation call with The Positive Sleep Coach

About Us

To access this deal contact Kassi directly via social media or email quoting SocialBaby Club

‘With Kassi’s help, we achieved what had seemed impossible only weeks earlier. The best advice I could ever give would be to work with Kassi...she’s changed our lives!’

‘Kassi helped me to navigate the world of reflux; before that I’d been told that my son would just ‘grow out of it’ & that I’d have to endure sleepless nights until he did. She listened to me & supported me throughout the process. I will be forever grateful.’

‘After a year of broken sleep, I was sleeping through the night within a week of having my consultation with Kassi. If I’m brutally honest, this process has saved my marriage. We will be forever grateful. Thank you Kassi.’

‘Kassi is a wonderful and knowledgable sleep coach. Her positive presence is a game-changer.’

‘If you are considering booking Kassi then please don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it!’

‘Kassi truly is my sleep fairy godmother.’

‘Now our daughter falls asleep on her own, in her own bed & sleep through the night, which at one point felt impossible.’

I’m Kassi, a Mum to two wonderful little girls & the Founder of The Positive Sleep Coach.

I’m hugely passionate about educating & empowering parents on the science of sleep, & creating positive sleep experiences for you & your little ones.

If you understand the root cause of why your child isn’t sleeping to their full potential then you will be much better versed to support them in achieving the quality and quantity of sleep they require. All sleep support provided is personalised & fully responsive in nature.

It can be exhausting after months of broken nights, early morning starts & prolonged bedtimes. Nothing prepared me for the sleep deprivation that I felt upon the arrival of my second daughter & I’m now determined to provide others with the knowledge, confidence & space to make informed & responsive sleep choices that are right for your family 💛


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