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Tongue Tie Surrey

Worcester Park

Loveteeth dental practice for Kids, Worcester Park KT4 8DS

SocialBaby Club member offer:

Free goodie bag worth £39.99 for SocialBaby Club members

About Us

Tongue tie Surrey is an oral surgeon led service based in Worcester Park. Our ethos is to
provide a thorough assessment of the feeding issues families experience, examine the
complete oral anatomy of the baby, and not just focus on the tongue, to provide an
accurate diagnosis. The clinician carries out a proficient tongue tie release, where required,
using lasers for the best outcome.
Two thirds of tongue ties go undiagnosed and can lead to weight gain concerns for the baby.
Our team of surgeons are super specialised in the oral development of the newborn and
tongue tie release.

SocialBaby Club members will receive a free goodie bag worth £39.99 after a treatment. This would include a post surgery advice pack, reusable soft cloth bib (to mop up any minor oozing following a tongue tie release), finger silicon toothbrush (to help parents brush baby’s teeth as they start appearing) and a small plush soft toy for baby

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Valid SocialBaby Club membership card must be shown at appointment for free goodie bag

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