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Partner With Us

Our Offer

Our subscription service, aimed at parents of babies and young children, connects you and your business with local parents. Partnering with us is free however, we ask partner businesses to provide our members with a discount or exclusive offer on your products or services. In return you will receive:

  • The opportunity to connect with local parents within your community

  • Inclusion in our website directory which will be open to all website visitors, not just card subscribers 

  • A dedicated page which will be branded with your logo and will include a 200 word description of your service or products, social media links, website link and up to six images

  • A listing on our interactive map

  • Recommendations on our Facebook Community where individuals request a service or product linked via our website.

  • A growing client base as we invest in digital marketing to grow our community

Additional engagement with our community (i.e. prize draws, competitions and seasonal offers) are also possible - please contact us to discuss any specific ideas you have. 

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About Us

We are Dan & Hannah. We moved to the area 6 years ago and when we welcomed our daughter, Margot, in 2022 we realised we had no idea where to go and what might be on offer for local parents. We suddenly needed to know where might be baby friendly and we didn't really know where to start. This was the start of the SocialBaby community.

We began a Facebook group where parents could ask for recommendations from others and we discovered there was a wealth of activities on offer in our local area as well as some brilliant places to go for that all important coffee and cake fix!

We soon realised that in a post pandemic world our Facebook group members were keen to find opportunities to meet other parents in the real world and so we began hosting our SocialBaby events, working with a local café to offer exclusive deals to our community members while we provided a warm welcome and a selection of toys to keep the little ones entertained while lots of cake and tea was consumed. 

We loved these events, we met some brilliant local families, got some great recommendations for things to do with Margot and found some brilliant local businesses geared towards providing some amazing products and services to families and so the idea of the SocialBaby Club was born!

Through the SocialBaby Club website we hope to provide families with easy access to a range of activities happening in the local area, including our SocialBaby meet ups (via our events calendar) and we hope to save families some money when interacting with local businesses when using our SocialBaby Club cards! 

We hope you will consider joining our SocialBaby community or coming along to one of our events. Above all, we hope to connect lots of families in our local community in the real world and online! 

If you would you like to discuss partnering with us we would love to hear from you

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